Do’s and Don’ts If You’re a Media Personnel

If you are a media personnel, there are some things which you should avoid doing so as not to jeopardize your career. Some media personnel have ruined their careers because they don’t know what they are supposed to do at specific times. Social media can help you grow your career but it can also be a fast way of making mistakes which you will never recover from. Here are some of the things you should do:


Be courteous.  As a media personnel, you will be a role model to other people. Besides, a lot of people will be looking up on you to see how you are doing, what you are doing etc. Some might follow your every move for malicious reasons while others need guidance by following what you do. Therefore, you need to be courteous at all times regardless of what you are doing. You can have an argument but the way you share your ideas should be courteous to avoid hurting other people or raising eyebrows.


Double-check grammar and spelling.  Whether you are writing content on social media, print media or sharing news on a TV, you need to have good grammar and spelling at all times. This can be achieved by attending classes to better your grammar and pronunciation. Having typos and grammar errors in your work damages your reputation and brand. Therefore, make sure you pronounce words as they are supposed to, write high-quality content and avoid spelling mistakes.


Respond to your audience.  This can be done using a social media account (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.) or through an email. Your audience will always have opinions, criticism and ideas. Although you cannot interact with everyone, try as much as possible to interact with your supporters, viewers and audience to have a good relationship with them. As discussed above, be courteous even if you are being criticized.


Some of the don’ts include:


Sharing extreme personal information.  You should keep your personal information private to avoid people invading your privacy. The more you share about your life, the more people will try to know you and you might end up having problems with people. Share whatever is needed and keep personal information to yourself.


Getting into arguments.  You will most likely have social media accounts where you will share information. It is okay to argue and share ideas but you should be considerate. First of all, if you are not well informed about something, you should avoid discussing it until you have the right information. This is because some of your audience might have reliable information and when you lie, you will ruin your reputation and reliability. Secondly, you can argue about something but do it professionally. Remember, you can delete a post, comment etc. but a screenshot by one of your followers can be shared widely.


You need to know the topics you can engage in, what you are good at and what to avoid at times. If you have a role model as a media personnel, you should consider seeking professional advice.


Finally, if you make a mistake, remember to apologize because it’s the best thing to do. Anyone can make a mistake whether in relaying information or spelling, pronunciation etc. You just need to be courteous and apologize to those involved.