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Each week we sort out last minute news, and we pass this information along to our subscribers, enabling them to know the latest and hottest media information. PARTYLINE lets you in on who's new and what information you'll need to know, to make sure your message, or your client's message, reaches the right contacts in print, TV, radio, online, promotions, contests, reality TV, etc. For years PARTYLINE has been the essential tool for PR professionals, and for people who want to promote themselves or their products in the press. Last June PARTYLINE celebrated its 45th anniversary.

And imagine now you can order partyline for only $139.50 for a full year, and receive it weekly by e-mail. we have reduced our subscription cost to accomodate the current financial times. You can then make placements in top national media at only pennies per placement. And remember, PARTYLINE is the only publication that arrives at your desk weekly. We never skip weeks.

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